Conservation affiliations

The AES is affiliated to all the major natural history and conservation organisations and regularly advises them on insect conservation issues.

Foremost among these organisations are Invertebrate Link (the Joint Committee for Conservation of British Invertebrates) and its offshoot Buglife - the Invertebrate Conservation Trust (, on both of which the AES is represented.

Invertebrate Link is an 'umbrella' organisation, initially established in 1967 by the Royal Entomological Society, and produces codes of practice and consensus policy statements to do with the conservation of invertebrates. Its outputs include lists of rare and endangered species, the code for insect collecting, code for insect re-introductions, guidelines for insect site surveys, conference proceedings and specific policy documents.

Buglife was founded in 1982 following a 'pink paper' produced by the AES. Its role is to run conservation projects and to deal with day-to-day matters which are beyond the scope of Invertebrate Link. These involve undertaking and promoting research, promoting good management of land and water to safeguard biodiversity, supporting the conservation work of other entomological and conservation organisations, promoting education and influencing invertebrate conservation.

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