If you think that we should be doing something different, or if you have ever thought "if only ..." contact us and share your thoughts.

Helping out the society is not arduous and is fun and rewarding. The AES Council meets four times a year to discuss operational matters. There are several named positions on council (for example, secretary, treasurer and general editor) but there are also elected officer positions. These officers have no specific remit but help out wherever they can with the running of the AES. If you're interested in joining Council or have further questions please contact us.

Even if you don't want to join the Council, there are still many ways in which you can help, for example:

If you want to volunteer to help the society please contact us.

Other opportunities to support the society

We'd love to hear from you if you represent a company or other organisation and would like to support our society and activities. Sponsorship opportunities are available, please contact us.