Historically the Homoptera were a suborder of the Hemiptera (true bugs). They were characterised by the uniform structure of their wings.

However, recent studies on the genetic relationship between the groups within the Homoptera has shown that they are more distinct than previously thought. As a result, the suborder Homoptera should no longer be used and the insects within it have been reclassified in to three new suborders:

The term 'Homoptera' should now only be used as a popular term for plant-feeding Hemiptera (for example: aphids, leafhoppers, whiteflies etc.) and should not be used to refer to a suborder.

A photograph of the froghopper _Cercopis vulnerata_.

A photograph of the froghopper Cercopis vulnerata - this insect would previously have been placed in the suborder Homoptera but is now in the suborder Auchenorrhyncha.
Photograph by Richard Bartz licensed under Creative Commons.

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